Urban Townhome Community the Perfect Living Arrangement

urban townhome community

An urban townhome community can be one of the best places to live. Townhomes are the perfect go-between single-family homes and living in a condo. Urban townhomes are single-family homes that are attached to one or both sides.

There are plenty of benefits to considering new construction townhomes in Newtown Square, that may tip the scales in your decision making toward buying a townhome. A great urban townhome community can be the perfect place to put down roots.

Benefits of a Luxury Townhome Community

There are a lot of people out there looking for a single-family home, as a matter of fact, 83% of buyers are in the market for a single-family home according to Zillow. That is a lot of competition which drives the price of single-family homes up.

Many buyers have found that townhomes are a better option, not only to get more bang for their buck but because of the perks that they are able to enjoy living in urban townhomes. There are clear advantages to making your next home in a luxury townhome including:

  • They deliver the feel of living in a single-family home without the maintenance. An urban townhome community can deliver the lifestyle you want without any of the work.
  • They are less expensive than a single-family home.
  • Community amenities
  • Higher security

When you purchase a townhome you become the owner of the building and the small piece of property that it is built on, however, most of the exterior maintenance for the townhome is taken care of by the homeowners association.

Parking lots, community greenways, lawn maintenance for your townhome, and other maintenance is often included in the HOA dues. It is the perfect place to live for anyone that wants the feel of a single-family home but does not want the yard work and other maintenance issues of a freestanding single-family home.

It Costs Less

Buying a townhome is all about getting the most bang for your buck. You get far more “extra’s” in new construction townhomes in Newtown Square then you get with other types of homes. If you thought that “luxury” was not a part of the package for your new home purchase think again. Townhomes make luxury living affordable.

Better Amenities

Easy commutes and amenities really draws people to the urban townhome lifestyle. Why would you settle for less when you do not have to?

Before You Decide to Buy

Before you make that offer, be sure to check out what new construction townhomes in Newtown Square have to offer, you will be glad you did.