Why Buy New, Now?

Have you heard about how the price of housing has been soaring since last year? The lack of existing homes on the market is creating bidding wars resulting in those homes being sold at several thousands of dollars over asking price. A solution is to consider a new construction home.

Don’t wait! The increase in material costs such as lumber and Covid related breaks in material supply chains have all lead to higher sales prices for new construction. We anticipate material costs to continue to increase through 2022, so when you purchase sooner, you will lock in current pricing.

Buying a new construction home has several advantages:

1) Customization – You’ll be able to get exactly what you want – from the right floor plan to the perfect kitchen and master bathroom.

2) Location – Convenient to all major routes, public transportation and neighborhood amenities.

3) Lower Maintenance – More time to spend in the neighboring state park or down the shore on weekends instead of mowing your lawn.

4) Better Efficiency – Improved heating, ventilation, cooling and insulation standards are not only good for the environment but will also save you money on your utility costs.

5) Improved Electrical and Plumbing standards – New, more efficient toilets, electrical fixtures and wiring for future needs such as electric car outlets are also perks of building.

6) Good Resale Investment – A newer home is typically more desirable to prospective buyers as fewer repairs and maintenance would be needed – should you decide to sell.

7) First Owner – The home reflects your style, personality, taste and it’s clean. No one has ever lived there before you. You’re the first!