new home construction

Homebuyers are rethinking what they want in a new home. New construction homes are the way homebuyers are ticking off their list of the things that are important to them. Not too long ago a custom home community was considered elite and out of reach financially for many people, but not today. Today, new construction homes are more accessible than ever.


Why are more first time homebuyers considering custom homes as their go-to choice? Undoubtedly it is the value that is drawing homebuyers to custom home communities. Over 30% of buyers of new construction homes said they purchased new construction to avoid the headaches of renovations and important system repairs. New construction homes may be the solution for your family.


Consider Your Options


Most people when they think of custom homes, they think of lavish sprawling estates that cost tons of money to build. The fact is new construction does not have to mean lavish estates, it can mean Newtown Square townhomes. Townhomes can be beautiful custom homes that also happen to be budget-friendly.


Custom home builders have expanded their services to offer more options to buyers that are in the market for a new home. Townhomes can be the perfect solution for first-time buyers that want all the advantages of a custom-built home without the expense.


Why Go New Construction?


You have options when it comes to buying a new home. You can buy a home that someone else has lived in, but you likely are inheriting some headaches. As a home ages systems begin to break down. For example, a home that is 15 years or older will be ready for a new roof in a couple of years, and that is not all you have to look forward to.


Any home 15 years or older will need a new heating system within the next five years. There will likely need to be some upgrades made and other changes. The cost of buying an older home quickly tallies up.


Choosing new construction means not having to worry about any of those things. The roof will be solid and under warranty, the HVAC system will be brand new and under warranty. You will not have to worry about updates for years.


Learn more about new construction homes and the Newtown Square townhomes before you buy anything else.