The Custom Home Building Process

Home exterior

Building a custom home for your family is a very personal and rewarding undertaking. You are not just putting a roof over your loved ones’ heads; you are creating a safe and beautiful home for them using a design that is unique to you and to them. These homes often become like family museums, passed down through generations.

Building a home according to your custom design specifications also significantly lessens the likelihood that renovations or structural problems will be on the horizon, an important consideration for the 34% of prospective home buyers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors who said they were not interested in renovations or replacing or upgrading plumbing or electrical systems. Many are not interested in a “fixer upper.”

The construction of custom homes is a big job, and a fun one. A common refrain heard from those building custom estate homes or luxury homes is surprise at how many choices there are to make, from flooring to light fixtures and everything in between. Every aspect of your home will carry a personal touch.

Some families have very specific ideas for what they want in their home, right down to the doorknobs. Others prefer to peruse storyboards for hours before deciding on a sink faucet. First time buyers tend to fall in the latter camp, and they comprise a large portion of the market. First time buyers make up about 32% of those seeking out new homes.

Functionality is key, too. Green homes are becoming a common request as home buyers look to contain their carbon footprint. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders found in a survey that close to 40% of respondents would prefer an environmentally conscious home. Whatever your design and function preferences, perhaps the most important choice you will make is choosing your builder. When seeking out luxury home builders, reliability, expertise, an eye for design, thoughtful functional considerations, and efficient scheduling and budgeting are all critical factors.

Rockwell Custom luxury home builders provide project management from start to finish, guiding you through your investment and design decisions. With a team that consists of professionals with expertise in design, the custom home building process and steps, construction, site selection and land development, Rockwell is uniquely well-positioned to make your building experience a joy.