Starting From Scratch: 4 Unique Features To Include In Your Custom Home

custom homeBuying a home is an exciting experience, but building a home is something else entirely. Though you have more decisions to make, the final product is unique to you and your needs and wants; luxury homes are considered luxurious for a reason — if you don’t feel comfortable in every single space available, what is the point? With custom homes, you have the freedom to bring your wildest imaginings to life. Here are four one-of-a-kind features your custom luxury townhome should contain.

  • Hidden Room: Bring out the child within with your very own hidden room. Whether you turn the secret space into a personal study, library, or art studio, you’ll have the ability to sneak away to your own private hideaway whenever you please. Turn a bookcase into a door, hide a room underneath a staircase, or think of an idea that’s never been done before.
  • Built-In Shelves: Storage space always seems to be in short supply when you move into a new home. With custom-built shelving units, you’ll be able to keep –and display — all your favorite things. The added storage capacity will allow you to organize effectively without taking away from the floor space in the room.
  • Bay Window: What’s a home if you don’t have a little reading nook to relax in, preferably in full sunshine? Bay windows offer ample room and sunlight for those lazy afternoons and early mornings; simply add some blankets and a few pillows and you’ll be good to go.
  • Large Mudroom: The days of storing your seasonal items — whether they’re coats, boots, or sporting equipment — in the garage or hallway closet are over. Mudrooms give you the space needed to comfortably leave messy articles behind before you enter the home, or keep them safely tucked away during the off-season.

New construction is exceptionally common among new homeowners: approximately 32% of people looking to buy have never owned before. If you fall into that category, why not go all out and build a house entirely your own? Custom homes allow for complete flexibility and creativity, from the initial layout to the subtle details.

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