Millennial Home Buying: 3 Things Young Homebuyers are Looking For

History has partially waited for this significant moment: when millennials begin to buy property. It’s finally here and it’s an exciting time for everyone. According to, roughly 61% of homebuyers over the course of 2017 will be under the age of 35 years old.

These younger homebuyers, however, don’t necessary care too much about having big yards with obligatory white picket fences, having quiet living spaces, or areas with a lot of historical significance. Millennial homebuyers, rather, have a lot of contrasting options on what they consider makes a house a great place to live.

Here are a few aspects of real estate that this younger generation is looking for:

Luxury Real Estate
Millennials aren’t just looking for houses for sale that can provide them with a roof over their heads. These younger buyers are yearning for a seemingly lavish lifestyle with luxury real estate, although they don’t care much to actually play the part of the affluent. Millennials would much rather live in a beautiful place that makes them feel like kings and queens, but spend their own money doing much less luxuries activities. The more power to them!

Vibrant City Life
These homebuyers aren’t looking to settle down quite yet, so buying a house on a 100 acres isn’t in the mix. Millennials would much rather live in a great area that is close to a vibrant city life. They love having fun, trying new things, and interacting with a diverse group of people; all of which can be difficult in extremely rural areas.

Minimal Design
Again, millennials don’t care much for traditional home styles and would much prefer a simplistic layout. The minimalist fad has continued for a few years now and has since grown into an actual way of life, and one that millennials thoroughly enjoy. Although they want technologically advanced appliances and smart home capabilities throughout, they would still rather plain white walls with a plant or two, and some furniture to be all that’s inside their home.

You don’t need to live on a large farm with a huge yard to be happy. You can have luxury real estate in a great part of the city if you look carefully. If you want to check out some luxury houses or are looking for Philadelphia homes for sale, contact West End Walk today!