new construction homes

Buying a home is considered to be an all-American rite of passage. But while this purchase may be a time-honored tradition, the way in which we go about it has certainly changed over the years. For example, 56% of buyers aged 36 and younger found their new homes online in 2017. New construction homes are certainly still popular, but so are fixer uppers and flips. And although people have been building their own homes for centuries, many people want luxury homes instead of quaint cabins.


Custom homes provide an amazing opportunity for you to incorporate all the details that will add convenience and enjoyment. But if homebuilding is part of your plan, you’ll want to avoid making costly mistakes. Not only can this allow you to stay on budget, but it will also ensure that the final product is representative of your dream property. To that end, here are some major mistakes to avoid when working with custom home builders on new construction homes.


MISTAKE: Picking the Wrong Location

The first rule of real estate is “location, location, location” for good reason. You may love the look of custom new construction homes, but you might fall out of love with your property if it’s in an inconvenient spot. You should build your home on a lot that’s in close proximity to your workplace, to your kids’ schools, or to cultural centers; whatever your lifestyle priority is, you’ll want to keep that in mind when choosing where to build. A home that’s a hike from the closest grocery store or makes your morning commute three times as long probably won’t make your family happier — no matter how beautiful it looks.

MISTAKE: Not Factoring Long-Term Plans Into Your Design

When building new construction homes, you might focus on the custom elements your family needs right now. That’s understandable, but being short-sighted during this period can have a negative impact later on. Most people who go to the trouble of building a custom home will want to stay put for the foreseeable future. It’s important, then, to consider your long-term goals during the design process. Do you want to incorporate elements that will allow you to age in place? What about ensuring your five-year-old will still love her bedroom when she’s 15? Don’t get too caught up in the present that you completely forget about what your family will require in the future.

MISTAKE: Changing Your Mind Mid-Construction

Custom new construction homes provide homeowners with more power over the design. In some ways, this can be a double-edged sword. Having more control over your surroundings and getting the opportunity to feature your personal priorities is fantastic. But sometimes, having so many choices available to you can be overwhelming. Your confusion and indecisiveness can cause you to spend money in unnecessary ways. Failing to completely flesh out your design and weigh your options before construction starts can lead to buyer’s remorse later on. While you may think you’ll be able to change your mind later, remember that this flexibility is limited — and can come with significant costs. During the planning phase, you can change your mind numerous times before the final design is submitted. But once construction has started, you shouldn’t change plans unless absolutely necessary. By not rushing through those initial decisions, you can save money (and your sanity) afterward.

If your dream involves building a customized home just for your family, we’re here to help you make it happen from start to finish. To learn more, please contact us today.