How to Define Luxury In Homes

new custom estate homes

New Custom Estate Homes On The Rise

If you are looking to build a home, chances are you have been considering luxury home builders or perhaps luxury estate homes. There are many reasons people are looking for new custom estate homes. At least 10% of home buyers and builders look to purchase a multi-generational home. This could be to take care of aging parents or to accommodate adult children moving back home for temporary cost savings.

No matter the reason, custom homes for sale are on the rise, especially luxury homes. What exactly does a luxury home entail though? While the application of luxury might change over time, the definition remains the same. Here are some things that make new custom estate homes top end luxury for home buyers:

The Luxury Home Market

Prime Location: Having a home on prime real estate is one of the first steps to luxury. Typically, a luxury home will both be inaccessible to busy streets and the noise of the city and it will be close enough to high end restaurants, grocery stores, and other places to make it convenient to go out. As you are looking for new construction homes, and if you are wanting luxury, be sure to consider the location of the home. Location luxury is unique in that it is a bit different for everyone. Some people love hosting large parties, and for that reason will want to be closer to town. Others enjoy the quiet of the outdoors, and want to be further away from big cities (even if it means longer trips to the grocery store).

Eco Conscious Homes Are Luxury: This is perhaps one of the biggest advancements in luxury homes. Owning a luxury homes means having a positive and meaningful impact to the community you are building in. Sustainable living is on the rise with solar and wind generated energy for top end homes and even spending top dollar on the best materials that are sourced in a sustainable manner. Luxury is having the ability to care about three or four generations down the road (or even dozens of generations).

Luxury is Creative: It goes without saying, if you are spending money on building new custom estate homes, there will be some personal flairs. Luxury is all about creativity. Because today’s home buyers are more globally exposed and sophisticated, there is a large portion of luxury home builders who enjoy being creative. This creativity might manifest in lifestyle choices such as a lap pool, an indoor climbing wall, or a high end exercise facility in house. Or it might manifest as a particular style of architecture based on a foreign culture of choice.

Luxury Brings Convenience: There are many aspects about owning a home that can be inconvenient. As you build your luxury home, there will likely be many convenience factors baked into the architecture. Whether it is an in home elevator, a home gym, or a very large kitchen with plenty of cooking space – convenience is paramount in defining luxury. There is no sense in a home looking good if it doesn’t also feel good to live in.

Luxury Promotes Privacy: This shouldn’t be a question really. You want your home to be private. Spending time on the right type of fences or plants and trees can make all the difference in turning your luxury real estate into a beautiful and private area. Having a private home is great for being able to relax with yourself and your family, host parties, and create a serene atmosphere.

Luxury Withstands Age: This is perhaps one of the most understated aspects of luxury homes. When you are building new custom estate homes, they should appear ageless. Agelessness in a home means that in 10 or 50 or even 100 years, the home will still be luxurious and beautiful. It will still be a home that people are envious to live in.

Luxury is Understated: In the end, luxury is very understated. For the wealthy, an important lesson is learned early: money is easy to obtain, life is about making the most of the time you have. Whether that time is spent on incredible experiences or on simplifying your luxury home to free up your time.