Effortlessly Combining Function And Fashion In Your Custom Home Design

As cities become more saturated and expensive to live in, we’re beginning to see more people seek suburban escapes. Outside the noise and chaos of city life, it’s projected that 80% of residential growth over the next 10 years will be in suburban communities.

These suburban communities offer residential opportunities that are either far beyond a reasonable city price range or just aren’t available. So, with some creative direction and foresight, construction of custom estate homes is an increasingly attractive option.

Of course, when designing custom homes, having more freedom comes with the added complexity of seamlessly making your abode both functional and fabulous. Let’s look at ways to do both together.

Start With Some Spatial Reasoning

When people look at homes for sale, regardless of the construction process, the first thing they’ll observe is how a home fits the surrounding property. One common mistake custom luxury home builders will advise against is the temptation to build the house beyond the scale of the property it will sit on. Develop the land you have and build the new construction home to fit reasonably within it.

Imaginative Interiors

Another common phenomenon that occurs when people are building a custom home is that they aren’t accustomed to the level of freedom of design and construction, causing them to fall back into the tired home building templates of yesteryear. Take a deep breath and let creativity flow. Build shelves into walls, make a hidden room, build multifunctional outdoor entertainment areas, the list is veritably unlimited. The world is your oyster as far as design is concerned, so combine your creativity with how you plan to use your space. Details are everything, don’t be afraid to try something quirky.

Go Ahead, Spoil Yourself

You’ve made it this far and you’re doing great. After all this work, planning, thinking, and building, why not treat yourself? We’ve seen plenty of personality go into custom home design, so think about something you’ve always wanted. Need a scotch tasting room? What about a multilevel slide? Home movie theater? Arcade room? Indoor spa and pool room? Use your imagination, then make your dreams into realities. You’ve earned it.

We’re certain the last thing on your mind during the new construction of your luxury home is selling it years down the road. However, it’s wise to at least consider what homes for sale will look like in the future. Good lighting never gets old, easy technological integration will only become increasingly desired, and, as suburban communities grow, more people will be looking for a home that makes a statement. Gone are the days of people settling for homes that are little boxes on the hillside.

Navigating the world of custom homes can be daunting. With custom homes for sale in luxury communities and chances to build your own dream from the ground up, our team at Rockwell Custom is here for you every step of the way. Contact us today.