American Architecture: The History of the Townhouse in America

The townhouse originated in either London or Paris in the 1600s, and like so many people, it immigrated to the Americas via New York City, where it quickly became a popular form of middle-class housing. New York City neighborhoods like Brooklyn and the Village still feature iconic, historic townhouses that easily sell for seven figures.

Some of the oldest neighborhoods in America feature townhouses, and everyone from elderly homebuyers to college grads find these living spaces perfect. When searching online for “homes for sale near me,” be sure to include townhouses, as well. If you don’t broaden your search to include these quality living spaces, you’ll end up having to choose from only expensive full houses, and that might not be as feasible for you at this time.

Townhouses, typically, are between two and five stories high and house between one and two families (or groups of friends/roommates). There are plenty of townhouse models, however, that have been converted into a greater number of apartments for increased residency.

These kinds of living structures were originally built for the middle class, but there are plenty of options available to a wide-ranging demographic nowadays. Currently, townhouses have become a popular housing option for the younger homebuyer in dozens of cities across America. In fact, the millennial generation is the most likely to look at townhouses when browsing home options, at 23%. Millennials, as they are just entering the job market, aren’t nearly as affluent as some of their home buying predecessors.

Buying a home can be a difficult process but it can also be quite exciting. It’s important that you know where to look when you begin your process, too. Be on the lookout for quality townhouses and new homes in Delaware County. Additionally, there are excellent townhomes for sale near Media, Pennsylvania.

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