5 Trends Making Waves in the Luxury Estate Homes Market

Living room

A well-appointed space is something to be desired, and with each new year comes trends that set the stage for what designers and homeowners see as the future of interior design. And while trends come and go, thoughtfully-crafted interiors can enhance both the aesthetics and value of luxury estate homes residents desire for years to come. From utilizing emerging trends in color and texture to adding luxurious touches through customized ceilings to providing a seamless transition from inside to outside with natural elements and design concepts, these trends are sure to take luxury estate homes to the next level.

Statement Ceilings

Say goodbye to basic, boring ceilings and hello to something a bit more impressive with this fun interior design trend that’s taking over luxury estate homes residents love. From adding skylights to installing vaulted ceilings to accentuating your space with beams, statement ceilings prove that you don’t have to let any of your interior space go to waste. Utilizing a ceiling as if it’s an additional wall adds to the luxury design and detail of any room.

A Touch of Texture

Out with minimal industrial design and in with multi-faceted, textured touches! Luxury estate homes are seeing a rise in the use of mixed textures to create more dynamic interiors and enhance the depth of rooms. According to Mansion Global, designers are incorporating textural details that go beyond visual appeal and provoke tactile responses. Combining textures like velvet, leather, glass, and tile can create a mood that contributes to a more overall sensory experience.

Bold Colors

While pastel, soft-hued palettes have a place in interior design, new trends are celebrating pops of vibrant, primary colors. Beyond bold primary colors, luxury estate homes are seeing an increase in bold black interiors, both in formerly white-dominated spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and more subtly among furniture, appliances, and decorative accent pieces. The addition of a dramatic color like black creates a sense of stylish sophistication while serving as an effective contrast to other bold colors and bright whites.

Metallic Tones

Another popular trend taking luxury estate homes by storm is the use of metallic tones. From rose gold and classic gold to silver and brass, metallic details add a perfect touch of modern luxury to any room. Even more nuanced metallic tones like chrome and nickel have begun to emerge as contenders in interior luxury design. Utilizing metallic finishes around the home adds depth and style to common areas like bathrooms and kitchens, providing an extra sense of luxury to things like sinks and counters. For the most luxurious effect, pick a dominant metallic tone to incorporate throughout while adding more subtle splashes of accent metallics.

Eco-Chic with Natural Elements

Today’s luxury estate homes residents love have the seamless transition from interior space to the outside world through the use of sustainable products and natural elements. In fact, a National Association of Home Builders survey found that almost 40% of those surveyed would like to own an environmentally-friendly home. Furniture and accent pieces made from recycled plastic have begun to trend in recent months, as homeowners gravitate more toward products that exude luxe sophistication while being eco-friendly. Beyond utilizing sustainable pieces, the use of organic materials, plants, and wooden accents have also emerged as popular trends among the world of custom homes. The seamless combination of bold colors, luxurious furnishings, and natural elements like plants and various stone and wood accents makes eco-chic design a top must-have in the luxury homes market.

Though these trends only cover a fraction of the new ideas currently popular among luxury estate homes residents enjoy, the addition of any one of these concepts is sure to take any home’s degree of luxury up several notches. Whether you’re browsing homes for sale, renovating a luxury townhome, or contemplating an entirely new construction project, consider investing in some of these trending elements to enhance the luxe appearance and ambiance of your interior spaces.