3 Essential Things Every New Family Should Look for In A House

It can be challenging trying to find the perfect home as a new family. You may have felt it was easier to find a location in which to live when you were a younger adult. But now as a new parent, you have a lot more than the size of your living space to consider. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Up to 32% of homebuyers are purchasing new homes for the first time.

As a new family and even newer homeowners, it’s essential to consider the environment where you’ll raise your children. Your kids should feel safe to express themselves wherever they are and you should feel safe laying them down to bed at night. That being said, here are three essential things every new family should consider looking for when buying a new home:

  1. Location is key
    Handling an awkward home is one thing, but with a location, you’re in for the long haul. Your location includes what stores are around your home, the type of school district, nearby parks, etc. Before you look into new homes in a given area, take a look at the types of neighborhoods in which you’d love to raise your kids. This will help limit your search and will guarantee your satisfaction whether or not you have to sacrifice a deck for your spouse’s love of townhomes.
  2. Size really does matter
    A studio apartment may have been fine when you just graduated from college. But as a new family, you’ll definitely want a space where you can grow together. Kids like to have space in which they can run around. Additionally, having a guest bedroom can be a great asset in case your family grows.
  3. Safety is essential
    Knowing your children are safe outside the home is great but it’s also a good idea to ensure your children are safe insidethe home. Consider whether an open layout would be convenient to keep an eye on your little ones or more difficult to childproof. If there are stairs, are they difficult for your kids to safely climb? Be sure to ask yourself these questions while you’re house hunting and you can feel secure in the house you choose.

Finding a family-friendly home in an ideal neighborhood you can love and feel secure in doesn’t have to be a challenge. With ParkView at Chesterbrook, you can feel confident in your child’s education, entertainment, and safety all in one place. For more information on new homes in Philadelphia and homes for sale in Chesterbrook PA, contact ParkView at Chesterbrook today.