2020 List of Home Features Everyone Should Have


As the final few months of 2020 are approaching, let us take a moment to reflect on all of the extra time spent at home this year.  Quarantine has allowed us take a closer look at our current space.  Whether you rent or own, here are six focus areas to help make the most out of your live, work, play-at-home lifestyle.

  1. At-Home Office

    • Working from home…You’ve grown accustom to Zoom calls and a digital work experience.  Define a quiet nook or convert a space bedroom to find your zen office.  Rockwell Custom New Communities feature a first floor study or loft space for your at-home office.
  2. Classroom

    • Never did we ever think that most of us would be home 24/7.  Especially when it comes to remote learning!  With schools back on a virtual or hybrid model, you’ll want students to have a dedicated area, preferably out of the way of the adult space, to focus and study.  On weekends, it can even double into an activities room for arts and crafts, games and more.
  3. Kitchen

    • Kitchens are the center of our universe.  Your kitchen should be accommodating for all the cooking, baking and nights ordering takeout.  Get ready to order the food delivery service when you live in a Rockwell Custom home.
  4. Fitness Area

    • Gyms may be reopening, but you’ve probably realized working out at home can save time and money.  Carve out a space for some at-home workout equipment and a Smart TV to have access to all the on-demand workouts.
  5. Finished Basement

    • One of the easiest ways to double your living space is to finish the basement.  The opportunities are endless and the lower level of your home could be the place to add almost all of the recommended must have spaces on this list.  Get creative and add a much-needed wine cellar!
  6. Outdoor Living Area

    • Consider a covered patio or four-seasons room to extend your indoor/outdoor living room.  This way, you’ll be able to spend as much time outside on warm winter days while social distancing, or enjoy cup of cocoa as the snow is falling.