2019 Home Design Trends to Consider When Building a Home

Handshake amid construction

Each year comes with trends that seep into everything from fashion to food, and interior design is no different. The year is young but 2019 has already unveiled its most notable trends. Whether you’re in the market for a new house or are leaning toward a luxury townhome, consider starting fresh and working with custom home builders to give you the trendiest house on the block and avoid paying to get rid of outdated styles. Say goodbye to the rose gold and Millennial Pink of 2018 and say hello to 2019’s biggest trends:

Mixed Metals

Where rose gold was the metal of 2018, copper and brass are having their shining moment this year. Keep from going overboard by making simple changes like brass fixtures in the bathroom, or a copper pot filler over your stove.

Au Naturale

Biophilia is taking the interior design world by storm. Homes are being filled with plants, and natural light is a top commodity. When homebuilding, consider designing a window wall to let in as much light as possible. People are also bringing nature inside by incorporating concrete in their designs in places like kitchen counters. Wood is also making its comeback over stainless steel and marble, from countertops to wall paneling.

Making a Statement

Minimalism is out in 2019, and people are going from gray and white to large splashes of color. Backsplashes are no longer “splashes,” but rather entire walls. White cabinets are still in style above the counter, but people are opting to create statement islands by painting the lower cabinets in jewel tones like deep teal.

That 70s Home

The 1970s are making a comeback once again, this time in home decor. While last year the kitschy macrame trend returned, this year we’re taking a more mature stance on 70s style, with comforting warm tones, wood paneling, and velvet details.


Something that many new luxury townhomes and houses are including is sustainable details like eco-friendly heating and cooling systems. The National Home Buyers Association says that nearly half of home buyers are looking for environmentally friendly homes. A great sustainable, eco-friendly feature to incorporate is a solar panel system. And you can keep things sustainable on the design end with options like handmade furniture and vintage fixtures.

Bathroom details

Bathrooms are becoming a great place to show your style, with interesting details like trough sinks and fun tiles. When planning construction, consider a modern take on the bathroom counters by foregoing the built-ins and instead using a free-standing wooden vanity.

Whether you’re designing a new luxury townhome or remodeling a fixer-upper, there are so many simple ways to include modern design trends in your space. Use these ideas to create the trendiest home of 2019.